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Valuing Diversity®: New Tools for a New Reality

"The real challenges facing us all is to make sure that we address these demographic challenges systemically. Our ability to do so will determine America's ability to compete globally. Whereas the strength of many of the nation's competitors is their homogeneity, it is America's diversity that presents both its biggest crisis and its greatest opportunity. The question is: Can we adapt our old ways of being, the ways we have traditionally valued people as is now reflected in our organizational culture, management practices, and employee and customer relations? The real challenge is to grasp the opportunity diversity presents, the heart of which lies in the 'unpredictable uniqueness' that is the product of interaction across differences."

From the book: Valuing Diversity: New Tools For A New Reality
- Griggs and Louw ©1995 McGraw-Hill, Inc.

Diversity programs demand real-life experience, falling down and pulling yourself up along the way, learning to become self-aware, acquiring new skills and to apply them in the workplace. By the year 2000 more than eight out of ten workers will be members of minority groups, women or immigrants. If your organization isn't tapping the talents of a diverse workforce you'll pay the price in terms of productivity, profits and professional satisfaction.

Valuing Diversity® New Tools for a New Reality offers fresh perspectives from experienced consultants and clients grappling with diversity issues. Together they provide a road map of the journey....from initial essential personal, interpersonal and organizational lasting systemic changes that better prepare us for the challenges of the global economy.

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