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Valuing Diversity ® Book Review

"This book is named after the video series Valuing Diversity® from Griggs Productions but is not a rehash of the film. The editors have written four of the chapters and have invited four others from the field to write chapters contributing their experience and expertise. Together they have produced a volume of considerable value to the trainers, managers, executives and to anyone facing the interpersonal / intercultural dilemmas of our complex workforce and society.

The goal of this work is to take the reader along a road that starts with initial awareness and moves to essential personal, interpersonal and organizational skills to reach lasting systemic changes that help to prepare us for the dynamics of the workforce and the challenges of the global economy.

Chapter one by Lewis Brown Griggs addresses the fundamental basics of diversity and is the starting point on the road to be traveled. In chapter two, Lente-Louise Louw introduces an integrated approach to systemic change complete with graphs and diagrams. Steve Hanamura in "From Courage to Commitment", the third chapter, helps the reader to set the stage for readiness and commitment. Frances E. Kendall reviews diversity issues in the workplace and provides practical advice drawn from mini-case studies.

In chapter five Rafael Gonzalez and Tamara Payne address teamwork and diversity, and in the sixth chapter Percy W. Thomas offers a cultural rapport model to foster harmony in the workplace. Lente-Louise Louw returns in chapter seven to describe UBUNTU, an African philosophy to be applied to diversity training, with Lewis Brown Griggs writing the final chapter that brings us to the end of the road. He sees valuing relationship as the heart of valuing diversity.

The chapters have mini-case studies, diagrams, skills and tools, and guidelines for diversity training. The book represents a practical approach that has great value for both the neophyte diversity trainer and the experienced professional. More important, I think, the book should be read by executives and managers so that they can gain an important overview of the road to be followed that can enhance and enrich their organizations."
- David Wigglesworth

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