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No Potential Lost® Disk 1: Personal Effectiveness

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Personal Effectiveness an interactive multimedia learning journey that explores personal effectiveness and responsibility for one's own performance. Identify personal challenges in the workplace and how diversity, relationship and cultural dynamics can impact effectiveness. Explore and understand how performance related energy can be affected by personal patterns. The disc is filled with awareness opportunities, information, skill building exercises and video drama.

Overview Personal Effectiveness

  • helps employees take personal responsibility for their own effectiveness
  • diversity, relationship and culture as a personal challenge
  • multimedia, interactive activities build understanding of how personal patterns affects performance
  • insights and expertise of managers, diversity experts and other champions
  • articles, suggested readings, off-line activities and print-based materials round off the learning experience

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Sections, Activities and Learning Objectives

Masking: Users create an on-screen personal diversity profile and can contrast this with their perception of how their organization sees and values their diversity dimensions.
Cultural Bubbles: Users will begin to understand the concept of culture. They will become aware of their own and different cultural ways of being.
Diversity Noise:
Diversity noise (racism, sexism, assumptions, prejudices, judgments, etc.) hinders personal effectiveness. This activity helps the users to understand the concept of differences, increase their awareness of how diversity noise affects their perceptions of others, and learn skills to manage their own diversity noise.
Relationship Patterns: Users will understand their own personal patterns of relating. They will acquire skills to manage depleting relationship patterns (mistrust, control, manipulation, etc.) and increase enhancing patterns (facilitation, trust, openness, etc.) that impact their personal effectiveness.
Performance Related Energy:
Users will understand how their personal patterns can impact their performance related energy and workplace effectiveness.


Floor 1: Users explore simulated workplace scenarios. They learn to recognize and change behaviors that deplete work relationships (stereotyping, assumptions, etc.)
Floor 2: Users will explore how cultural differences can affect how people give and receive feedback. Users receive guidelines and skills to help them understand and manage cultural contrasts.
Floor 3: Users are given an opportunity to test their assessment skills. They identify how diversity, relationship and cultural dynamics affect performance related energy in three different video scenarios.
Floor 4: Through an interactive "video-phone," users will explore different communications styles and acquire basic skills to improve their personal effectiveness.

resource room RESOURCE ROOM
Voices in the Field: Users access a collection of "voices" such as diversity experts and champions, people in today's workplace and others.
Glossary: Users will have access to an on-screen glossary of terms used in this disc.
Textbook: Users will have access to suggested readings, off-line activities, exercises and other print-based materials to support ongoing learning.
UBUNTU: Users are introduced to the African Philosophy of UBUNTU and it's connections to the learning process.

Newspaper: Users will learn ways to change personal behaviors to prevent hostile work environment and prevent the downward slide to sexual harassment.
Personal Space: This multimedia exercise has users assess how comfortable they feel with people's physical differences and how this comfort level affects their sense of personal space.
Biography Matching: This activity challenges users to make and question their assumptions and teaches them how making assumptions impacts their personal effectiveness.
Global Gestures: Users explore global hand gestures and their meanings and receive guidelines about nonverbal communication.
Telephone: Users learn that people have different perceptions about telephone versus face-to-face communication and that being flexible about communication methods can increase personal effectiveness.

Diversity Training Workshop: No Potential Lost ®: Personal, Interpersonal and Organizational Effectiveness using CBT Training

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