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Valuing Diversity® Training System: Participant's Workbook

Table of Contents


Getting Started
About This Workbook
The Diversity Journey Map®
About the Map
"No Potential Lost"

AISA Activities

Awareness Activities (modules 1-5)

Module 1 Activity: Looking at the Challenges Facing Organizations
Module 2-1 Activity: Exploring Dimensions of Diversity
Module 2-2 Activity: Uncovering Key Diversity Principles
Module 2-3 Activity: Diversity "Jeopardy"
Module 3-1 & 3-2 Activity: Demographic Trends & Legislation
Module 3-3 Activity: Valuing Diversity Issues
Module 3-4 & 3-5 Activity: Exploring Costs & Benefits
Module 4-1-1 Activity: Exploring Fixed Beliefs
Module 4-1-2 thru 4-1-4 Activity: Exploring Past Experiences, Expectations & Feelings
Module 4-2-1 Activity: Investigating Cultural & Group Differences
Module 4-2-2 Activity: Recognizing Myths
Module 4-2-3 Activity: Exploring Relationship Patterns
Module 4-3-1 & 4-3-2 Activity: Identifying Organizational Barriers
Module 5 Activity: Finding the Common Ground

Information Activities

Skill-Building Activities (modules 1-8)

Module 6-1 & 6-2 Activity: Exploring Comfort Levels
Module 6-1 & 6-2 Activity: Using Appropriate Language
Module 6-3 Activity: Suspending Assumptions, Biases, Prejudices & Stereotypes
Module 6-4 Activity: Acting Congruently
Module 6-5 Activity: Listening Actively
Module 6-6 Activity: Practicing Feedback Skills
Module 6-7 Activity: Exploring Safety
Module 6-8 Activity: Acting Assertively
Module 7 Activity: Resolving Conflict
Module 8 Activity: Building Diverse Teams

About This Participant Workbook

This Participant's Workbook contains information sheets, handouts, worksheets, self-assessment sheets and observation sheets related to learning activities described in the Facilitator's Handbook. There are one or more activities provided for each of the ten training modules.

Tear sheet examples

This easy-to-use workbook cuts the facilitator's preparation time in half by providing over 200 prepared handouts, exercises, checklists, worksheets and assessment tools. All materials correspond directly to the learning blocks in the Facilitator's Handbook. These highly interactive materials are specifically designed to increase awareness, provide current diversity information, facilitate skills acquisition and provide participants with invaluable experiential learning.

Application Activities (modules 9,10)

Module 9-1 Activity: Profile of a Diversity Champion
Module 9-2 Activity: Developing a Diversity Strategy
Module 9-3 Activity: Managing the Change Process
Module 9-4 Activity: Your Role in Valuing & Managing Diversity
Module 10 Activity: Participating in an Ongoing Diversity Process Bibliography

Overview of the System

Facilitator's Resource Guide
Facilitator's Handbook
Participant's Workbook

Product Review
Diverstity Training Course

Diversity Journey Map

Instructional Design
Overhead Transparencies

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