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The Downslide to Harassment

Like many of us, bold headlines have caught our attention. The Supreme Court established new standards for what constitutes sexual harassment.

Mitsubishi settles for $34 million*, a record amount, ending a lawsuit brought on by 300 women. When Home Depot agrees to a settlement of $87.5 million* in a class-action gender discrimination lawsuit, preventative measures seem quite appealing. The jury in a lawsuit against UPS awarded $8.2 million in punitive damages to a female employee who claimed a hostile work environment. With the Supreme Court's recent ruling, no company can afford not to take preventative measures. To prevent the downward slide towards sexual harassment, one must know the behavior patterns associated with sexual harassment.

(*Dirstin Downey Grimsley, Washington Post, June 12, 1998)
(**Joe Kreamer, Esq., Gender Journal, April 1998)

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