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Video Titles Each DVD and/or Video is accompanied with a guide
Human Energy At Work ® - (6 parts)
Valuing Relationship ® - (3 parts)
Valuing Diversity ® - (7 parts)
Going International ® - (7 parts)

Intranet Learning
Why CBT?

The Potential Is Yours ® - (3 modules)

Why CBT?

No Potential Lost ® - (3 CD's)
The Potential is Yours ® - (1 CD)

Manuals Valuing Diversity ® Training System
Sexual Harassment Prevention Process
Books Valuing Diversity ® New Tools for a New Reality
Going International ® How to Make Friends and
Deal Effectively in the Global Marketplace

We produce hyper-extendible, affordable, and sustainable learning systems that meet your needs. Our approach is integrated, principle-driven and built upon years of learning and technical expertise. Our history since 1983 reflects that we are on the leading edge of our field. Our work has integrity and quality that has been consistently award-winning.

Our high quality, multilayered materials have an integrity that allows users to leverage them for many different organizational needs. Each tool can be used in multiple contexts and be adapted for internal use:

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Human Energy At Work® SeriesGoing International® SeriesValuing Relationship® SeriesValuing Diversity® Series

Purchase a master with a license to duplicate unlimited copies for internal use...

All of our products are available for unlimited internal distribution to help you place training tools where they are most effective: in the hands of your employees. Ask yourself: " How many copies would I want of any title if they were free?" You would be surprised how few copies of any one title it takes to equal the cost of a master.

Contact us to help position high quality flexible learning tools to meet your needs.

We can walk with you every step of the way, or provide your for specific needs.

We can:

We use appropriate delivery systems...

Skilled people, print, DVDs, videos, digital video disks, multimedia CD ROM's, or networked multimedia learning environments (intranet and internet)

Solid design process...

We integrate learning by facilitating the AISA competency chain which moves learners through Awareness and Information to Skill-building and Application.

We are driven by principles such as self-help, holistic strategies, and building on existing resources to ensure effective, affordable and sustainable learning and training solutions.

Let us help you make learning and training happen everywhere, just in time. Co-create with our diverse team to build an effective multimedia community and leverage learning technology and award-winning content

Our work is "....content rich. It doesn't (only) depend upon technological sizzle to impress the user, only to disappoint later with superficial learning." - Training Media Review®

Griggs Productions Promises You Quality

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