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1. You Make the Difference: Employees Take Responsibility


Employees, at all levels, who want to learn about the reality of diversity in today's workplace and how to manage the multi-cultured workplace without sacrificing personal values. The course can be customized to meet the needs and level of a specific target group or industry.


Course Products

All the Griggs Productions Products have a diversity slant whether it be culture, race, gender, age, sexual preference, thinking styles, work functions, physical ability, etc. Your specific content, context or user level needs will help guide the use of products and classroom activities to best meet the needs of different employee groups.

See Product Details for Employee Content Options:

You Make The Difference, Diversity at Work, Personal Patterns, Relating Across Differences, Personal Effectiveness.

Course Delivery Factors:

Who: Individual Employee or Executive Coaching

Small or Large Employee Groups

Train-The-Trainer: Individuals or Group

Size: Single or Multiple Roll-Out ( number of groups?)

Where and When: At Organization Site

Costs: Contact Us

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