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5. Valuing Diversity Training System Process

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Become your organization's diversity expert by using a strategic, modular and integrated approach.Create a systemic action plan for your organization that is affordable and sustainable.

Learn to use a process oriented approach with clearly-stated learning objectives. Walk away with 10 learning modules with corresponding participant activities and exercises, support material, evaluation tools and over a 200 overhead transparency masters.Build upon this system with your own resources and add value to each module with other Griggs Productions tools.

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1. Why attend this course?
2. Learn to answer tough questions
3. How can you benefit?
4. Course objectives
5. Learning modules
6. Course materials
7. One day workshop
8. Two day workshop
9. Three day workshop

1. Why attend this course

Diversity, Relationship and Cross-Cultural training has become an integral part of organizational development. This dynamic course is designed for all organizations seeking to create or enhance a meaningful process-driven diversity program that addresses key diversity, interpersonal, cross-cultural and other organizational challenges.

2. Answer the tough questions asked in your organization:

3. How can you benefit from this course?

Personalized attention: Our award- winning staff will provide personalized training

Gain leadership skills to assist you with management and employee buy-in

Diagnose your company's strategy and create a vision for diversity

Prepare your company for change and the global marketplace

Save thousands of dollars in course development costs which include: research and development, material production costs, and high fees associated with external consultant costs

Help create a positive workplace environment which increases communication, decreases potential litigation, and improves productivity

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4. Objectives of the Valuing Diversity® Training System©

Griggs Productions certification courses train core representatives from an organization on how to use our comprehensive and flexible material to suit the organizational internal needs and "reality". The course provides participants with sensitivity, skills and strategic know how.

Three areas of competency are covered:

A. Train-the-Trainer

B. Train-the- Strategist

C. Diversity Development Specialist at the Personal, Interpersonal and Organizational Levels


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5. The course is grouped around the System's 10 key learning modules:

  1. Organizational Challenges
  2. Defining Diversity
  3. Valuing Diversity
  4. Barriers to Diversity
  5. Differences & Similarities
  6. Communication & Interaction Guidelines
  7. Resolving Diversity Conflicts
  8. Building Diverse Work Teams
  9. Initiating Systemic Change
  10. Ongoing Diversity Process

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6. Take away course materials include:

The 3 part Valuing Diversity® Training System Manuals:

Facilitator's Resource Guide - 275 Pages

This complete, ready reference guide with the Diversity Journey Map provides you with full understanding of complex diversity issues and a secure knowledge base to develop and deliver effective training. This invaluable resource summarizes and clearly outlines key diversity questions and learning points into convenient information selections. Each information section directly corresponds to each of the 10 training modules. Critical to the successful diversity process in any organization.

Facilitator's Handbook - 500 Pages

Helps you design an overall diversity training, specific training session or entire training program. It's simple. You select the modules and strategies appropriate to your diversity vision, training time frame and targeted audience. The corresponding participant materials, complete with designated learning objectives, step-by-step pre-training and debriefing instructions and over 200 transparency masters, are already prepared and provided. The handbook makes training comprehensive and manageable.

Participant's Workbook - 260 Pages

This easy-to-use workbook cuts the facilitator's preparation time in half by providing over 200 prepared handouts, exercises, checklists, worksheets and assessment tools. All materials correspond directly to the learning blocks in the

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Overview of the System

Facilitator's Resource Guide
Facilitator's Handbook
Participant's Workbook

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Training Course

Diversity Journey Map

Instructional Design
Overhead Transparencies

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