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Going International ® Series: Bridging The Culture Gap

"Should be viewed by anyone going overseas."
-Kaiser Engineers

Overview of Bridging the Culture Gap

Reveals the importance of cross-cultural understanding for the traveler and the person doing business abroad. It's an introduction to the whole concept of relating across cultural contrast. Bridging the Culture Gap doesn't use dramas but rather is an "anthropological" introduction about how interesting it is that people think differently, have different concepts of time, space,work... The 30 minute video and guide:

  • explain cultural taboos and accepted standards of behavior
  • develops an awareness of the cultures and habits of other countries before traveling abroad
  • explores how every aspect of life, that everyone takes for granted, is usually culturally determined
  • illustrate important points with colorful footage from around the world

 Video Summary

Understanding cultures and exploring different values
What are culturally determined patterns
Symbols and their different interpretations
Rules of etiquette
Cultural stereotypes
Overcoming cultural differences

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