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Going International ® Series: Going International - Safely

"Professionally produced, beautifully edited. Shows me I must do my homework before entering another culture."
-University of Southern California

"Minimize the various risks inherent in traveling internationally." -Producer

Overview of Going International-Safely

Alerts the traveler to the variety of security problems that can interrupt a trip. It is about the dangers involved in international business travel. Sensitizes travelers to dangers and shows how to reduce risk. The 30 minute video and guide:

  • identify potential problems: crime, accident, illness, arrest, fire, natural disasters, and terrorism
  • show how the traveler can reduce the risk each step of the way: while planning, at the airport, on the street, in the car and hotel, home, or workplace
  • offer advice for what to do in the event of an emergency
  • provides "Travel Safety Checklists"

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