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Valuing Relationship ® Series: Interpersonal Synergy

"This film seems logical as the next diversity step."

Overview of Interpersonal Synergy

Helps employees take mutual responsibility for interpersonal challenges and in building synergistic work relationships. The focus is on the interaction (the dynamic space) between individuals. Shows how depleting or enhancing relationship dynamics are often co-created. Learn how enhancing relationship patterns are the basis for creativity, productivity, teamwork, customer service, information flow, effective communication and breakthrough results.

Includes 7 real workplace dramas where there is a mutual responsibility for the outcome:

"I need relationship to co-create. If I'm by myself, the only thing I bring to the table is what I have. It can be meager or bountiful, but it is only what I have. Only through relationships, only through interacting with you, can we transform that bounty into something bigger than both of us." - San Jose State University


Competition Drama:

"Me or you" energy pattern,
conflict, loss of opportunity, loss of productivity

Depletion Drama:

"Me nor you" energy pattern,
loss of trust, collusion, loss of productivity.


Sabotage Drama:

"Me, not you" energy pattern, sabotage, loss of trust, unethical business behavior, no cooperation.

Synergy Drama:

"You and I" energy pattern, cooperation, co-creation, breakthrough outcomes, increased productivity.


Shift Drama:

Demonstrates the interpersonal skills needed to change a situation of sabotage and mistrust: openness, authenticity, risking, feedback, empathy. Shift by one person leads to shift by another.

Teamwork Drama:

Interpersonal skills in building relationship across differences in a very diverse team (race, gender, age, function). Demonstrating openness, authentic dialogue, trust, participation, risk taking, feedback, dynamic balance, managing diversity and team dynamics.


Racism Drama:

Demonstrating the challenge of dealing with diversity (race, gender). Interpersonal skills in dealing with stereotypes, assumptions and misunderstandings. Demonstrating relationship as the "how-to" of managing diversity and finding a dynamic balance.

Comprehensive Facilitator's Guide includes:

  • Background information
  • Transcript of video
  • Pre-viewing, during viewing and post-viewing exercises
  • The "how-to" of relationship building
  • Graphics for transparencies
  • Suggested agenda
  • Key concepts grid
  • Quick reference to dramas

Let our 30 minute video and facilitator's guide help you:

  • examine interpersonal relationship patterns in coworker, team, and customer interactions
  • explore the impact of diversity and culture on interpersonal relationships
  • develop mutual responsibility in creating effective relationships
  • build cooperative and synergistic work relationships
  • demonstrate the impact of depleting interpersonal patterns (lying, controlling, sabotage, manipulation, collusion)
  • demonstrate enhancing interpersonal patterns (cooperation, trust, participation, balance, feedback, empathy, authentic feedback, constructive conflict)

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Valuing Relationship ®: The 'Next Step' and 'How To' of Change

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