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Valuing Diversity ® Series: Managing Differences

"The only film I've ever used that received the highest rating from each person attending the program. They found it enlightening and provocative. It grounded them into taking action."
- SmithKline & French


Overview of Managing Differences

Empower management in your organization to recognize and release the full potential of its diverse workforce. Help managers recognize talent & develop diverse employees. Let Managing Differences illustrate how assumptions, differences, and organizational culture affect the performance of managers, supervisors and administrators and inhibits the potential of employees. We interviewed over 100 managers, personnel administrators, EEO officials, teachers, trainers and cross-cultural consultants, and isolated barriers that interfere with the ability of women, minorities and others who are different to make their greatest contribution to their organization. Barriers covered in this program:

  1. membership in the "white male club"
  2. unwritten rules
  3. stereotypes and assumptions
  4. cultural differences

"These are sensitive issues and can sometimes make white male managers feel "blamed." Ideally you would show this video after Champions Of Diversity and Communicating Across Cultures when managers are more receptive to their own responsibility."
- Producer

Includes dramatized real "work life" stories

Opening membership drama

A position becomes available. The candidates that come to mind are all men. Beth, a woman, undoubtedly the best candidate, gets the job. But she never "belongs." Her contributions are ignored, and eventually she leaves. The drama reveals several problems that affect the ability of women and minorities to perform and rise in their organizations.

Sharing the rules drama

Ricardo, a Hispanic employee makes a presentation to senior executives. He has not been coached in the rules for success and his style is not valued. His ideas are not well received. The drama illustrates what happens when the unwritten requirements for success are not shared with an employee.

Managing stereotypes and assumptions drama

Dave, an Asian employee seeks a promotion, but does not sell himself in the way the manager expects. The manager makes several mistaken conclusions as a result of his stereotypes and assumptions. The drama illustrates what can happen when assumptions, even if based on actual cultural differences, can obstruct realistic evaluations and effective decision-making.

Managing cultural differences

Elaine, a Native American woman, is recognized for her contribution in a way that for her, is not a reward. She is made so uncomfortable that she does not return for work. This drama illustrates how lack of awareness about cultural differences can result in loss of productivity.

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