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Human Energy At Work ® Series: Sexual Dynamics

"Sexual Dynamics is better than sexual harassment films because it shows what can lead to sexual harassment, and that is excellent."
- Marsha Braun, Houston Community College

Overview of Sexual Dynamics

Sexuality in the workplace has become a bottom-line business issue. Sexual Dynamics opens the debate and examines the reality of sexuality in the workplace.This video, CD-ROM and intranet course can help prevent the costly outcomes to depleting symptoms (litigation, stress, fear, anger, control, lying, denial, projection, etc. ) by helping you manage the reality of sexuality in the workplace. Learn to provide a safer, less sexualized workplace and a climate that transforms human energy into higher performance.

Use 7 real-work video moments to help you:


  • identify organizational, team, interpersonal, and personal patterns that sexualize the workplace
  • facilitate the "sexuality" debate in your own organization and dare to look beneath the surface to examine what is going on, long before the crisis of sexual harassment
  • recognize depleting relationship dynamics across gender and other differences (sexism, racism, gender stereotyping, team intimacy gone wrong...)
  • understand and value the difference between the natural intimacy that teamwork brings and sexualized patterns that interfere with workplace goals
  • examine how relationships in today's workplace have changed and put into place appropriate boundaries
  • examine sexual dynamics in the workplace and view them within the context of change
  • prevent the downward slide to sexual harassment
  • manage the different perceptions of sexuality in the workplace

Understand the new workplace dynamics

From the boardroom to the factory floor, diverse individuals now work side-by-side, forming a new workplace dynamic. As organizations continue to embrace such management strategies as team-building, cross-functional work, home-office work options and increased customer contact, the intensity and intimacy of work-related interactions multiply.

Strive for openness yet clearer boundaries

This course opens the debate about the challenge of sexualized relationship patterns in the workplace. It motivates individuals, teams and organizations to do something proactive, creating awareness and preventing depleting patterns from becoming an organizational liability. Help motivate learners to begin to prevent the downward slide to a hostile work environment or sexual harassment by building a culture that is more open yet has clear boundaries, more nurturing and less controlling, less sexualized, and more productive.

Allow intimacy without sexualization

To release the creative and productive energy of the work place requires managing and not denying sexuality. Sexual harassment is only one, if not the most costly, symptom of workplace dynamics around the issue of sexuality. All too often the response has been crises interventions, dealing with the symptoms and not the real challenge. Sexual harassment is a depleting and discriminatory relationship pattern and the unequivocal response should be prevention. This requires an awareness of the reality of sexual energy in the workplace, a recognition that the workplace demands intimacy without sexualization.

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Managing Sexual Dynamics and Preventing Harassment


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