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Valuing Diversity ® Series: Supervising Differences

"Captures the subtle nature of problems women and minorities face in the workplace."
- Corning, Inc.

"The purpose of this video is to take the message from the title Managing Differences ( for mid-level managers) to the supervisory level."
- Producer

Overview of Supervising Differences

Motivate managers and supervisors to create an environment which values the contributions of all employees and respect their differences. Supervising Differences shows first-line supervisors, plant managers and others how to leverage the potential of their diverse workforce. The 30 minute video and facilitator's guide:

  • helps supervisors provide a welcoming climate for new employees
  • provides a framework for resolving conflict between diverse employees
  • creates awareness in supervising and managing of differences
  • looks at effective coaching across differences
  • fosters the development of employees on an equal basis
  • explores the demands of the diverse workplace and the role of the supervisor

Uses dramatic real work stories to facilitate learning

Creating a Productive Work Environment

Establishing the rules, respect, productivity, and supervisor roles.

Conflict Resolution

The role of supervisors in helping diverse employees work together and resolve their conflicts.

Coaching and Developing Employees

Discomfort with an employee who is different from oneself can result in inadequate supervision and failure. It is really the supervisor's failure when an employee fails in a situation like this.

Stereotypes and Assumptions

The supervisor often needs to judge the abilities of others and make decisions that affect careers. How assumptions based on stereotypes can get in the way of sound judgments and decision-making


Cultural Differences

  • attitudes about authority
  • relationships
  • competition
  • communication
  • motivation and rewards
  • self-promotion

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