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Human Energy At Work ® Series: The Bottom Line

"Organizations will find this approach extremely useful as they build their own (diversity) case."
- Cultural Diversity at Work Newsletter, March 1996

Overview of The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line creates a rationale for why diversity and relationship across differences is a business opportunity. The Bottom Line deals with strategic questions, one at a time, providing useful information, awareness exercises, and the motivation to apply the contents back to your own organization or work team.Help your organization plan and reach its fullest potential with The Bottom Line. Prevent hostile work environments, cultural misunderstandings, discrimination, racism, sexism, harassment and other depleting patterns.

Use this video, CD-ROM, comprehensive guide and/or intranet course to:

  • focus on human energy as an integral part of any organizational strategy
  • ask strategic questions( what, why, how, who, when) and offer directions for implementing change toward higher performance
  • help you organize the learning experience into a logical sequence of insights, with each one building on the previous insight toward creating a business case for diversity and relationship across differences
  • highlight the need to leverage diversity and relationship across differences
  • motivate managers and employees to adapt depleting ways of relating across differences into new ways that enhance performance
  • start a process of change that you cannot afford to avoid!

Learn to think more clearly about the following issues:

What is the relationship across difference challenge in your organization?
Why are diversity and relationship important to the organization?
What are the barriers to change?
How does the organization change and begin to lead with differences?
Who will be responsible for change?
How do diversity, relationship, and culture affect the
bottom line?

Titles in this Series

The Bottom Line
Relating Across Differences
Conflict As Opportunity
Teams In Motion
Global Contrasts
Sexual Dynamics

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