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Valuing Relationship ® Series

"Valuing Relationship ® helped us create awareness for a new kind of interaction."
- Levi Strauss

"Relationship has always been important, but it needs to be approached as an organizational strategy....consciously identified and pursued."

- Procter & Gamble

Overview of the Valuing Relationship® Series

Shows that "relationship" is the life-blood of the organization. Synergistic relationship patterns are the survival skills and creative tools for the future. The three part Valuing Relationship® series tackles work relationships from a different angles : Organizational Energy , Personal Patterns and Interpersonal Synergy. All three levels function simultaneously, but to start the process of change it is helpful to focus on each element separately. For learning purposes, there must be an intentional focus on the element in question and start the change work where it is most relevant.

Each title includes diverse individuals and diversity issues, but the main focus is on relationship, the key resource available to every individual, partners, team and organization. Includes real workplace dramatizations, which portray depleting and enhancing relationships, as well as interviews with leaders, employees and experts. Release the energy of the diverse workforce through Valuing Relationship®.

Each of the three parts of this DVD and Video series explores:

  • Key challenges and change issues
  • Relationship as an untapped resource in addressing today's challenges
  • Relationship across differences as the basis of multicultural workplace effectiveness
  • Learning to manage behaviors that deplete productivity: control, manipulation, blame, lying, stereotyping, racism, sexism, sabotage, collusion, misunderstanding, miscommunication...
  • Learning to create behaviors that enhance productivity and creativity: active listening, openness, understanding, trust, honesty, feedback, valuing and managing diversity, team work...
  • Building authentic relationship across differences
  • Relationship as a unique kind of "ecological" system in which no one part is as important as the whole/or the dynamic relationship of the parts

    Relationship issues addressed in the videos:

    Systemic Change

    Depleting and Enhancing Personal, Interpersonal and Organizational Patterns

    Creating open, Trusting and Adaptive Organizations

    Quality and Performance

    Creativity, Co-creation and Synergy

    Leadership and Vision at Work

    Teamwork, Participation and Communication

    Building Cross-Cultural Relationship

    Relationship as the "How-To" of Managing Diversity


  • Award-winning
  • Targets all organizational levels
  • Presents relationship as a bottom-line business opportunity
  • The "How-To" of Managing Diversity
  • Covers all AISA competency areas: Awareness, Information, Skills, Application
  • Can be positioned within the context of other organizational concerns (e.g. Leadership, Team-building, Sexual Harassment, Managing Diversity, Continuous Learning, etc.)
  • Outstanding facilitator's guides that include: suggested training agenda, graphics for transparencies, exercises/activities, video transcripts, links to organizational issues

"Valuing Relationship is the key to actualizing personal, interpersonal and organizational energy."
- Lewis Griggs

Organizations face challenges

Daily, organizations face challenges affecting leadership, customer relations, quality processes, recruitment, management, marketing learning and creativity. These functions are completely dependent on effective human interaction and relationships. "Valuing Relationship" requires focus on the "empty space" between people, now known by science to be not empty at all, but filled with patterns of energy from people and organizational qualities of life. These relationship patterns fundamentally affect the human energy that drives organizations. Relationship strategies will help your organization focus on the quality of these interactions (whether they are energy enhancing or depleting) directly affecting personal, interpersonal and organizational performance.

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Valuing Relationship ®: The 'Next Step' and 'How To' of Change

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