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Going International ® Series: Welcome Home, Stranger

"A vital message."
- Amoco

"An overlooked aspect of the overseas assignment." -Producer

Overview of Welcome Home, Stranger

Prepare yourself for repatriation to the United States of America. Welcome Home, Stranger focuses on the unexpected problems of returning home. Beyond Culture Shock is about living there and Welcome Home, Stranger is about returning home,it is a pair because it is the personal impact of culture, adjusting to life over there and adjusting to life back here which is one cycle. The 15 minute video and guide:

  • deals with four steps: before going abroad, living abroad, before returning home, and upon return
  • prepare families for the difficulties they are likely to encounter
  • how to overcame the difficulty of "reentry"
  • deals with this overlooked aspect of the overseas assignment
  • international families share repatriation experiences

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