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Going International ® Series: Working In The USA

"On target."
- PepsiCo

"Prepare newly arrived employees from foreign cultures for working in the US. " -Producer

Overview of Working in the USA

Introduces all cultures to the values and dynamics of the US workplace.Improves understanding of how North Americans and American organizations behave and what it takes to succeed in business here.  The pair of titles - Working in the USA and Living in the USA are for non-Americans who are going to work and live in the USA. The 30 minute video and guide:

  • identify problems the foreign visitor is likely to face
  • feature foreign nationals who share their experiences and advice
  • provide documentary footage filmed in diverse work environments to show the difficulties the foreign visitor is likely to encounter
  • employees from other cultures share their experiences working in the USA

Video Summary

Deals with arrival issues, contact with locals,and different aspects of organizational life in the USA: life at the office, gender issues, scheduling, scope of assignments, planning, meetings, relocation protocol, guidelines for success.

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