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Valuing Diversity ® Series: You Make The Difference

- New York State Department of Transportation

" This title takes the message into the context of the labor-intensive workplace, so these employees deal more effectively with diversity."
- Producer

Overview of You Make the Difference

Empowers your employees to create a climate that values the contributions of everyone. Helps avoid sabotage, stereotyping and other behaviors that disrupt productivity and causes hostile workplace. The video and facilitator's guide:

  • helps employees create a welcoming climate for all employees
  • encourages diverse employees to work together for team success
  • increases flexibility and responsiveness to different interests and styles
  • builds trust and improves relationships across differences
  • is about productivity and teamwork
  • is about racism ,sexism assumptions and stereotypes
  • provides real workplace drama to teach new attitudes and skills
Assumptions Drama
In any organization, a promotion tends to provoke endless conversations about the 'why' and the 'who' of the promotion.

Attitude Drama
This scene takes place in a locker room, but these 'sexist and racist' attitudes are found in non-industrial settings as well.

Creating the Climate Drama
There are many ways to make people feel unwelcome - jokes, posters, graffiti, and other objects. Some people may be unaware of the offense some symbols can cause. Supervisors must be firm in removing objectionable literature or items.

Sabotage Drama
Problems are often caused by what people do, as well as what they do not do. Sometimes workers act in collusion to keep another person in the dark, making them look incompetent. Find out why 'Joe' is not giving 'Maria' the information she needs to do her job
Stereotypes Drama
It is difficult to avoid stereotyping as it is everywhere in our culture. The media reinforces stereotypes and attitudes. Every day we are blasted with messages. The problem with stereotypes is that people act on their assumptions, impacting performance, productivity, and promotability.
Differences Drama
Whenever diverse people work together, real differences in styles and values can make it difficult to communicate. These differences may be cultural, but may also result from differences in sex, age, religion, marital status, or lifestyles. When people are not sensitive to these differences, they may offend others and interfere with the process of working effectively together. Learn about flexibility, sensitivity; listening, open communication and more...

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