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Griggs Productions: Maximizing the Human Spirit at Work

A diversity-training veteran for more than 25 years, Lewis Brown Griggs specializes in helping companies "maximize human potential."

"Griggs Productions was created from my own blindness, my own ethnocentricity," says Griggs, a Stanford MBA. "I started in this business for my own self-interest and self-improvement."

Using a combination of training tools and services developed by Griggs Productions in San Francisco CA, Lewis has helped more than 6,000 corporations, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and government agencies recognize and value cross-cultural diversity among the human resources within our organizations.

In 1983, Griggs debuted a seven-part video series entitled Going International. His work pioneered the awareness of the impact of cultural differences on international business.

Then, in response to the reality of quickly changing demographics in North America, Griggs and fifty corporate sponsors produced the seven-part award-winning Valuing Diversity video series. That was followed by the three-part Valuing Relationship video series, and later by six-part Human Energy at Work video series.

Thereafter, Griggs segued into the interactive multimedia learning market and produced No Potential Lost, a three-part interactive CD-rom series, reinforcing his company as a leader in the training tool development field. Griggs then produced the subsequent Internet/Intranet e-learning program The Potential is Yours so as to reach all employees at the lowest cost.

Griggs is currently in production of a new training tool called Human Spirit at Work.

When he isn't editing his works, Griggs gives presentations about the bottom-line impact of individual and cultural differences at seminars and conferences and within organizations of any size.

"Everything that I co-create, from videos to workbooks to workshops to coaching sessions, are all just training tools," he says.

"You only need me as a catalyst to get diversity consciousness increased in the workplace," says Griggs. "What's most powerful is the live interaction between people employees. After all, isn't that what this is really all about? Human interaction and feeling the human energy and spirit ?"

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