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No Potential Lost® Disk 2: Interpersonal Effectiveness

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Interpersonal effectiveness explores interpersonal dynamics in the workplace (coworker,teams,customer relations). The focus is on taking mutual responsibility for effectiveness. This interactive multimedia learning experience deals with team building, conflict management and building foundations of trust in the multicultural and diverse workplace.


Overview of Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • explores the role of diversity issues, relationship dynamics and cultural differences in achieving high performance
  • focuses on team-building, conflict management and building trust in the multicultural and diverse workplace
  • provides self-guided quizzes and activities to increase understanding of interpersonal effectiveness
  • motivates employees to accept mutual responsibility for ensuring interpersonal effectiveness

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Activities and Objectives
key concepts

Interpersonal Space: Understand that people are mutually responsible for creating enhancing or depleting patterns in coworker, team and other interpersonal work situations. Effectiveness is a mutual responsibility.
Cultural Bubbles: The concept of culture from an interpersonal perspective. Cultural differences can create miscommunication (preventing the opportunity for cooperation) unless understood and managed.
Diversity Noise: Diversity noise (racism, sexism, assumptions, etc.) can deplete the performance related energy in coworker, customer, team and other interpersonal work situations. How valuing and managing diversity can be an opportunity.
Relationship Patterns: Interpersonal interactions can be a barrier or an opportunity for workplace effectiveness. Recognize that relationship patterns affect coworker and team productivity.

Trust Bank Activity:
Trust and cooperation are essential for higher performance and impact the potential effectiveness of work relationships. This interactive multimedia activity links diversity, relationship and cultural patterns to levels of trust in the workplace.

Performance-Related Energy: Coworkers, teams and other interpersonal work relationships create the opportunity for synergy. Users assess simulated interpersonal work situations and learn to recognize patterns that increase and decrease interpersonal effectiveness.

Relating Across Differences: Users are asked to assess different workplace scenarios. After receiving guidelines and information they reassess the same situation with "new eyes," challenging their original assumptions.
Phases of Building Relationship: Work relationships move through different phases before they stabilize and perform (pre-relationship, initiation, conflict, negotiation and high-performance). Users observe behaviors that characterize each phase. They learn basic guidelines to move effectively through each phase.
Conflict Floor: Conflict is normal and a necessary phase in building authentic work relationships. Users learn skills (facilitation, conflict resolution, feedback and communication) to manage conflict and increase effectiveness across differences. They begin to see conflict as an opportunity.

Glossary: Users will have access to an on-screen glossary of terms used in this disc.
Textbook: Users will have assess to suggested readings, off-line activities, exercises and other print-based materials to support ongoing learning.
Work Relationships: Users will have access to information about the importance of interpersonal relationship in the workplace. Subjects such as "Why is Relationship Important?", "Barriers to and Opportunities for Relationship" and "Enhancing and Depleting Interpersonal Relationship Patterns" are presented.

resource roomFUN ACTIVITIES
Users will explore different forms of greeting in different cultures. They explore the significance of greetings in initiating relationships.
virtual reality room

Relationships at Work Game:
Users test their cross-cultural knowledge in a game show format. They are provided guidelines for relating across differences.

Team Assessment: Explore four dimensions of team functioning. Case studies to practice assessment skills. Assess your own work team.
Hot Buttons: Through video moments explore terms, phrases and cliches that are potential hot-buttons for different people.
Personal, Interpersonal and Organizational Patterns: Explore definitions of personal, interpersonal and organizational patterns and question what role you can play in making these patterns enhancing.

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