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No Potential Lost® Disk 3: Organizational Effectiveness

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Organizational Effectiveness takes users on an interactive multimedia journey through a simulated organization. Explore current and future workplace scenarios, make assessments and changes that result in the improved performance of employees in "Organizational Park". Learn how diversity, relationship and cultural issues are barriers or competitive advantage. Ask strategic questions, understand barriers, opportunities and the need for change. Organizational Effectiveness motivates mutual self-interest, benefiting both the organization and employees.

Overview of Organizational Effectiveness

  • a simulated organization deals with diversity, relationship and cultural challenges
  • provides an interactive multimedia "walk" through a simulated organization, allows assessments and changes
  • deals with areas critical to organizational effectiveness: environment, change, skills, and full participation
  • effectively demonstrates systemic challenges
  • an interactive panel discussion highlights the bottom line need for change
  • strategic questions identify barriers & opportunities
  • motivates employees to participate in the creation of an effective organization

Sections, Activities and Objectives


Diversity Noise: Users learn how diversity noise (racism,sexism,stereotyping) can become an organizational pattern that depletes workplace performance.They learn that diversity can add value.
Relationship Patterns: Users will understand that when depleting or enhancing relationships are repeated throughout the workplace, they become an organizational pattern. Systemic patterns can be managed more effectively by accepting personal, interpersonal and organizational responsibility.

Culture: Users learn about culture and how it can impact organizational effectiveness. They examine co-worker, team,customer, and cross-functional situations.

In a multimedia journey through a simulated organizational park during an interactive "walk-about," the users are given the task to assess and change the behavior pattern in different buildings in a simulated organization.

  • make assessments and recommend changes that increase the overall effectiveness of the organization and prevent the downslide to a more depleting scenario
  • learn skills to effectively manage and leverage differences
  • make choices to build a more effective organizational culture
  • view video role plays that represent the positive or negative outcomes of choices
  • access guidelines and skills for organizational effectiveness
  • write an assessment and change report on the 4 challenges ( environment, change, skills and participation) that impact this simulated organization's effectiveness
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A multimedia learning experience allows users to discover how relationship patterns can spiral throughout an organization with consequences for productivity, profitability and customer relations. They become aware of the need for organizational leadership, teamwork and accountability at all levels. Video dramas draw attention to the core challenges that can influence organizational effectiveness: diversity noise, depleting relationship patterns, cultural miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Users can access multimedia learning options: speeches, and opportunity to participate in an interactive panel discussion with experts and printout text options. The organizational assessment activity allows users to make an assessment of their perceptions of the current reality in their own organization. There is a special focus on diversity, relationship and culture as a bottom line organizational challenge.

In a simulated organizational library the users can learn about the bottom line needs for change, and how diversity, relationship and culture are a competitive advantage. They can find answers to strategic questions like: What is the challenge? Why change? What are the barriers and opportunities? Who is responsible? How to change and lead with differences? The library provides users with group activities, information that can be printed-out, questions for discussion and much more.

This activity allows users to identify behaviors that exist on a continuum towards organizational effectiveness (from denial of differences towards valuing and leading with those differences).They give feedback about where they think their organization is on where their organization is and where it should be. This activity can be used as a facilitator feedback tool.

Organizational Effectiveness will prepare leaders, managers, and employees for the "people skills" that will enable their organizations to deal more effectively with changing realities (demographics,the global economy,the reality of increased diversity in today's workplace and marketplace). Users experience that the people and management skills, in this simulated organization, are strenuously tested when relating across differences: listening, feedback, facilitation of team work, facilitation of change, negotiation across differences, management, problem-solving and decision-making, leadership, communication, coaching and mentoring, conflict management, strategic thinking, etc.

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