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The Potential is Yours ® is a diversity program that makes it easy and cost effective to sensitize employees anywhere and anytime. A small investment will create opportunities and prevent costly mistakes! This introductory course deals with diversity, relationship, and cultural dynamics in the workplace. It takes participants from learning about themselves and what valuing diversity means, to how this affects their relationships with coworkers and customers, and ultimately how this impacts personal and organizational success. Adapted from the award- winning No Potential Lost® Series.

The Potential Is Yours? has 3 sections, each containing 6 learning activities


  • Learn to effectively manage diversity, relationship, and cultural dynamics
  • Become sensitive of attitudes and behaviors that enhance and deplete performance
  • Learn to relate across differences and succeed in the diverse workplace


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The Potential Is Yours has 3 different sections

Personal Effectiveness
focuses on taking personal responsibility for masking, stereotyping, and other behaviors that sabotage performance.

Interpersonal Effectiveness
focuses on interpersonal dynamics in coworker, team, and supervisor relationships, increases sensitivity to diversity challenges such as stereotyping, hot-buttons and trust.

Organizational Effectiveness
explores "attitudinal ", "behavioral", and "change" issues which impact performance.


6 Personal Effectiveness Activities

Screen shot Voices from the field
Discover why diversity in the workplace matters.

Screen shotPersonal Space
Discover how different people impact your personal space.

Screen shotPersonal Masking
Learn about your diversity and discover if you are masking.

Screen shotStereotyping
Learn why stereotyping limits effectiveness.

Screen shotCultural Differences
Discover how culture can affect how we interact at work. Decrease misunderstandings by evaluating other cultures using our own as the standard.

Screen shotWorkplace Diversity
Open doors in the workplace and explore 3 areas of diversity.

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6 Interpersonal Effectiveness Activities

screen shot Interpersonal Space
Discover why diversity in the workplace matters.

screen shot Relating Across Differences
Explore the concept of interpersonal space. Discover skills necessary to relate across differences.

screen shot Relationship Patterns
Learn how relationship patterns impact effectiveness.

screen shotRelationship Baggage
Learn how personal baggage affects work relationships.

screen shot Hot - Buttons
Become more sensitive to your own and other people's hot-buttons.

screen shotTrust Bank
Learn why trust is the key to effective work relationships. Once trust is destroyed, it is difficult to rebuild.

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6 Organizational Effectiveness Activities

screen shot Introduction
Notice patterns which help create an enhancing or depleting organizational culture.

screen shotThe Customer: Productivity Spiral
People are the organization. How they relate to one another spirals throughout the organization and impacts productivity and customer relationships.

screen shotBuilding A: Attitudes
Learn how employee attitudes shape the organization. Attitudes at work increase or decrease the organization's effectiveness.

screen shotBuilding B: Behaviors
Learn how employee behaviors shape the organization.

screen shotBuilding C: Changes
Discover how change can be an opportunity.

screen shot The Globe: Global Communication
Explore the challenge of global communication. Watch and learn how people of other cultures communicate. Be aware of your own verbal and nonverbal styles.

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No Potential Lost® Series:
Disk One: Personal Effectiveness
Disk Two: Interpersonal Effectiveness
Disk Three: Organizational Effectiveness

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