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Valuing Diversity® Training System: Diversity Journey Map

"The map does accomplish its purpose; it gives both the trainer and the learner a grasp of the bigger picture of the journey ahead" - Cultural Diversity At Work Newsletter

This invaluable fold-out map quickly orients you to the training system and charts the course of diversity exploration throughout the organization, thoroughly exploring all facets at all levels.Follow the diversity process throughout your organization with a total of 40 different learning blocks. Clarify and focus on your diversity vision in program planning, execution and evaluation.

Use The Diversity Journey Map to decide where to begin, focus or re-direct your diversity journey:

Diversity Journey Map10 Training Modules

  1. Organizational Challenges
  2. Defining Diversity
  3. Valuing Diversity
  4. Barriers to Diversity
  5. Differences & Similarities
  6. Communication & Interaction Guidelines
  7. Resolving Diversity Conflicts
  8. Building Diverse Work Teams
  9. Initiating Systemic Change
  10. Ongoing Diversity Process
  11. Each module and block on the map :

    • represents a section(s) of information relevant to the diversity journey
    • corresponds to related learning objectives and activities located in the Activities section of each handbook
    • enables you to see the diveristy territory at a glance
    • gives you a system of organizing interventions
    • enables you to be issue specific or process oriented
    • provides you with a training process that takes into account information, skills and application

Overview of the System

Facilitator's Resource Guide
Facilitator's Handbook
Participant's Workbook

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Diversity Journey Map

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