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Valuing Diversity® Training System: Facilitator's Resource Guide

Table of Contents


Getting Started
About This Training System
It's Easy as 1, 2, 3
About This Resource Guide
The Diversity Journey Map®
About the Map
Corresponding AISA Activities

Overview of Training Modules

Module 1: What are the Challenges Facing Organizations?

Module 2: What is Diversity?

2-1 Dimensions of Diversity
2-2 Key Diversity Principles
2-3 Key Diversity Terms & Concepts

Module 3: Why Value Diversity?

3-1 Demographic Trends
3-2 Legal Aspects
3-3 Personal, Interpersonal & Organizational Issues
3-4 Costs
3-5 Benefits

Module 4: Barriers to Valuing Diversity

4-1 Personal Barriers
4-1-1 Assumptions, Biases, Prejudices & Stereotypes
4-1-2 Past Experience Influences
4-1-3 Expectations & Perceptions
4-1-4 Feelings
4-2 Interpersonal Barriers
4-2-1Cultural & Group Differences
4-2-2 Myths
4-2-3 Relationship Patterns
4-3 Organizational Barriers
4-3-1 People & Culture
4-3-2 Work Structures, Policies & Practices

Module 5: Exploring Differences & Similarities

5-1 Identifying Differences
5-2 Identifying Similarities
5-3 Finding the Common Ground

Module 6: Guidelines for Communicating & Interacting

6-1 Use Appropriate Language
6-2 Recognize Differences in Nonverbal Behavior
6-3 Suspend Assumptions, Biases, Prejudices & Stereotypes
6-4 Act Congruently
6-5 Listen Actively
6-6 Ask for, receive & Provide Feedback
6-7 Create Safety
6-8 Act Assertively

About This Facilitator's Resource Guide

The Facilitator's Resource Guide is the Information link in the Valuing Diversity® Training System.

Product Shot

This Resource Guide, is a complete reference guide that provides you with full understanding of complex diversity issues and a secure knowledge base to develop and deliver effective training. Critical to the successful diversity process in any organization, this guide offers essential diversity learning concepts for the beginner and thought-provoking reading for the experienced trainer. It provides essential information in the form of key diversity questions, learning points, and notes which correspond to each module and block on the map. The activities located in the Facilitator's Handbook andParticipant's Workbook are based on information presented in this Facilitator's Resource Guide.

Module 7: Key Steps in Resolving Diversity Conflicts

See Human Energy At Work®: Conflict as Opportunity

Module 8: Key Steps in Building Diverse Work Teams

See Human Energy At Work®: Teams in Motion

Module 9: Initiating Systemic Change

9-1 Leading the Diverse Organization
9-2 Developing & Implementing a Diversity Strategy
9-3 Managing the Change Process
9-4 Employee Participation

Module 10: Ongoing Diversity Process

10-1 Establish Baseline Measures
10-2 Conduct Diversity Audit
10-3 Analyze Data & Identify Diversity Needs
10-4 Identify Improvement Goals, Objectives & Initiatives
10-5 Develop & Implement Action Plan
10-6 Recognize & Reward Results


Overview of the System

Facilitator's Resource Guide
Facilitator's Handbook
Participant's Workbook

Product Review
Diversity Training Course

Diversity Journey Map

Instructional Design
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