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Valuing Diversity® Training System: Overview

This system is comprehensive, yet simple!

The Valuing Diversity® Training System consists of 3 parts, each with 10 modules contained in a user friendly manual. All parts are designed to make the facilitator and participants jobs easier. The material is composed of various parts functioning together to achieve your diversity objectives. All parts of the system contain essential steps in the diversity competency process.

Facilitator's Resource Guide Facilitator's Handbook Participant's Workbook

Valuing Diversity® Training System is dynamic, designed to accommodate ever changing research and developments in the diversity field. The training system is based on 10 modules containing over 40 different learning blocks. Each block on the Diversity Journey Map represents relevant content, learning objectives and activities, support material, transparencies, handouts, classroom exercises, evaluation tools and strategic models.


  • Enables facilitators/participants/learners to see the diversity territory as a whole
  • Orients you at a glance as to where you are and where you are going
  • Enables you to gather and add new information
  • Helps you design a relevant diversity strategy and specific training sequence
  • Provides a visual tool for quickly seeing the underlying structure of the print material
  • Modules are structured for maximum flexibility
  • Allows you to add your own resources, or other Griggs Productions resources (Video, CD-ROM, Intranet, Guides)

Facilitator's Resource Guide
Facilitator's Handbook
Participant's Workbook

Product Review
Diversity Training Course

Diversity Journey Map

Instructional Design
Overhead Transparencies

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