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7. Creating and Managing High Performance Diverse Teams

A "Step-by-step" approach to managing and strengthening diverse high performance teams

"Making the most of diverse high performance work teams takes skill, time and awareness of differences. Depending on how they are managed, such teams can yield terrible headaches or terrific results"


Lewis Brown Griggs & Lente Louise Louw, from "Diverse Teams" in Training and Development (Oct.1995) p22-29.

Come to San Francisco for an exceptional 2 day team building experience. Enjoy the cross-cultural experiences San Francisco has to offer!


Leaders and Team members who want to build high performance diverse teams in the cross-cultural domestic and global context. This course will help employees deal with the pressure to conform to today's team-oriented workplace. Creating a group is not team work. Team work requires new sensitivities and skills.


See Product Details for Employee Content Options:

Your specific content, context or user level needs will help guide the use of products and classroom activities that best meet different employee targets.

Suggested Products

Teams in Motion a 30 minute dramatized video case study and comprehensive guide. there Video, CD-ROM and Intranet resources that compliment. Comprehensive Team Building classroom training modules and participant activities. Team Rhythm Course is optional.

No Potential Lost®: Interpersonal Effectiveness

Human Energy at Work®: Teams in Motion, Global Contrasts, Sexual Dynamics, Relating Across Differences

Valuing Relationship®: Interpersonal Synergy

Valuing Diversity®: Managing Differences , Communicating Across Cultures, Supervising Differences and the Valuing Diversity Training System


Course Delivery Factors:

Who: Executive Coaching for Team Leaders

Small or Large Employee Groups and Teams

Train-The-Trainer: Individuals or Group.

Size: Single or Multiple Roll-Out ( number of groups?)

Where and When: At Organization Site

Costs: Contact Us

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