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Going International ® Series: Beyond Culture Shock

Foreign sign "Answers important questions for families relocating abroad."
-World Vision

Overview of Beyond Culture Shock

Prepare yourself and your family for moving abroad. Beyond Culture Shock eases the move abroad for yourself and your family by providing insights and advice from experienced travelers. View the two titles Beyond Culture Shock and Welcome Home, Stranger as a pair, both deal with the personal impact of culture, adjusting to life over there and adjusting to life back here which is one cycle.The 30 minute video and guide:

  • explain the psychological phases of the adjustment process
  • provide practical suggestions for making life abroad a positive experience
  • give particular attention to the needs of the spouse and children during relocation
  • is about living over there and prepares expatriates and families for phases of culture shock and adjustment.

Video Summary

Foreign sign About cultural shock... "It's like being in an exam, twenty-four hours a day."
Experts describe culture shock as a " cycle of readjustment," marked by four phases.
four phases
Arabian with family
Impact on the family, family needs, the spouse's attitude and children's adjustment challenges. Expatriate communities.
Characteristics for success and key traits.
American with chopsticks
Preparing for the move.
Are you ready for relocation aboard?
American with Asians

Bridging The Culture Gap
Managing The Overseas Assignment
Beyond Culture Shock
Welcome Home, Stranger
Working In The USA
Living In The USA
Going International - Safely

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