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Human Energy At Work ® Series: Conflict As Opportunity

"Sophisticated. It goes well beyond the rudimentary stages of embracing diversity."
-Tim Wright, Corporate Staffing, Hallmark
Human Energy At Work ® Series:
The Bottom Line
Relating Across Differences
Conflict As Opportunity
Teams In Motion
Global Contrasts
Sexual Dynamics

Overview of Conflict As Opportunity

Conflict is the most critical phase of building effective relationships.Motivate people in your organization to utilize conflict and manage it as an opportunity for change. Prevent hostile work environments, cultural misunderstandings, discrimination, racism, sexism, harassment and other depleting patterns. Use the Conflict As Opportunity video , CD-ROM ,comprehensive guide ,and intranet course to help you:

7 dramatic moments used in the Conflict as Opportunity :

Moment 1
Is Al really hearing Mary? Is trust tested in this true work place story? Learn to build trust.
Moment 2
There is no right way of giving feedback and recognition in the multi-cultured work place. But what did Ted fail to recognize during his interaction with Richard?
Moment 3
As the scene replays, we see Ted attempting to share feedback in a way that Richard can appreciate. Learn to use conflict as an opportunity to change.
Moment 4
In relating across differences "good" communication skills are not always enough, it's important to be authentic and real. What could Dave do to increase his effectiveness in conflict resolution?
What can you do?
Moment 5
Focusing on cultural differences that are irrelevant to the work situation, such as accent, appearance, dress, etc., creates a tension between coworkers, inhibiting the opportunity to leverage real and relevant differences to the work task. In this video moment Halima intervenes on Lo's behalf...
Moment 6
Professor Marshall and Sheila openly express conflict... based on inaccurate assumptions.
Learn to manage your stereotypes and assumptions and prevent cycles of conflict!
Moment 7
Professor Marshall and Sheila strive to recover from their conflict by openly talking about it and by providing relevant feedback.

After completing this video and comprehensive guide, learners should be able to:

  • assess whether people in the system are working together as well as they could
  • recognize the early signals of conflict
  • understand how diversity, relationship, and cultural dynamics fuel conflict in the organization
  • recognize and understand this and other natural phases of the relationship-building process
  • recognize the ways in which cultural and other group differences may affect how conflict is handled
  • use relationship-building principles for resolving conflict in a way that respects cultural and other group differences

Titles in this Series

The Bottom Line
Relating Across Differences
Conflict As Opportunity
Teams In Motion
Global Contrasts
Sexual Dynamics

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