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Valuing Diversity ® Series: Diversity At Work

"I strongly recommend this program. Training in this area of cultural diversity is essential to enforce the caliber and quality of our workforce."
- Rockwell International

Overview of Diversity At Work

Helps mid-level employees understand that they must learn how the organization functions in order to take responsibility for their own career growth and development. Stops the stereotyping and assumptions that interfere with effective performance. Illustrates that employees from "non-dominant" cultures have to take some responsibility for learning how to keep their personal identity and adapt to the organizational culture within which they work. Ideally this would be shown after Champions Of Diversity & Communicating Across Cultures.

Outline of dramatic moments in this video:

Managing the system dramas
Clustering, isolation in the system, mentors, networks, office politics and more ...

Being bi-cultural dramas
In this film employees from different organizations talk about the importance of understanding oneself and adapting without compromising personal values. One manager insists: "Your uniqueness is one of the reasons that you were hired." But no one maintains that it is easy to find and sustain the right balance

Managing your boss and peer relations dramas
introduces the concept of cultural differences,expands on stereotypes, assumptions and working with people who are different.

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