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Human Energy At Work ® Series: Global Contrasts

Cultural Contrasts "Excellent! Clear and easy to work with"
-Expatriates Manager, Systematics, Inc.

Overview of Global Contrasts

Global Contrasts will help you manage cultural contrasts and build effective cross-cultural relationships.Build global teams and cross-cultural work relationships characterized by trust, cooperation, and synergy. Move your organization toward greater success in the global marketplace with Global Contrasts. The video , CD-ROM, intranet course and comprehensive guide:

Watch 9 video dramas of North American, Japanese, German, Italian, African, South American, Indian and other nationalities operate in the domestic and global marketplace, creating a diversity and relationship challenge beyond that familiarity of your 'typical' national demographics.
Cultural Contrasts

Learn generic principles for managing global working relationships.

Examine issues that pose a challenge to building global work relationships.

Learn to recognize and understand cultural contrasts.

Recognize and manage the 5 critical phases of relationship development.

global workforce
Understand that the dynamics of this global marketplace are increasingly apparent at home. Foreign organizations operate in every domestic market. "International" no longer means "outside the country" and "foreign" is as close as across the hallway.

Specifically learn to :

  • recognize and manage key cultural contrasts-a critical skill in developing global work relationships and teams
  • understand the natural phases of the global relationship-building process and how to manage uncomfortable cross-cultural relationship dynamics
  • apply principles and skills to manage each of the five phase of building relationship across cultural differences
  • appreciate that building global relationships is a process that takes time and requires the skill to actively manage cooperation, competition and conflict

Global Cross-Cultural Training Workshop

This six-part video series includes the following titles:

The Bottom Line
Relating Across Differences
Conflict As Opportunity
Teams In Motion
Global Contrasts
Sexual Dynamics

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