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Human Energy At Work ® Series

"Excellent!  The Human Energy At Work? series is current, relevant, and genuine..."

 - Journal Communications

Overview of Series

Incorporate the key challenges facing today's workplace.  Based on extensive research and interviews with leaders, managers and employees of Fortune 1000 companies as well as government, non-profit and other organizations.  It includes video case studies based on real workplace stories, extracts of interviews with leaders in the field, comprehensive guides, presents opportunities for classroom, self-paced, small group and on-line learning.

This six-part series will move you to higher performance and productivity by helping you:

  • understand the bottom line impact of diversity in the work context
  • learn key principles and skills for greater effectiveness
  • manage the 5 phases of global, organizational, team, personal and interpersonal relationships
  • recognize and manage diversity issues, relationship dynamics, and cultural differences
  • relate more effectively across any difference
  • prevent the downward slide to toward miscommunication, misunderstanding, miss-attribution, stereotyping, hostile conflict, racism, sexism, discrimination, sexual harassment and hostile work environments
  • create awareness, provide useful information, and identify core principles, that will allow you to attain higher performance, creativity and productivity
  • make sure that Human Energy at Work?  is constructively managed
  • start a process of change that you cannot afford to avoid!

This six-part series includes the following titles:

The Bottom Line
Relating Across Differences
Conflict As Opportunity
Teams In Motion
Global Contrasts
Sexual Dynamics

This integrated series will help you start a process of change that you cannot afford to avoid!

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