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Going International ® Series: Living In The USA

"Current, applicable, appropriate."
- Mattel

Ease the transition of non-US citizens into the United States.

Living in the USA prepares the newcomer for the culture shock and practical realities of life in the United States. The 30 minute video and guide:

  • highlight challenges such as housing, banking, credit cards, schools, home appliances, driving and social customs
  • provide an overview of the cultural and regional diversity of the USA
  • emphasize the importance of making friends
  • families discuss relocation, culture shock, and realities of everyday life in the USA

The pair of video titles Living in the USA and Working in the USA are for the non-American who is going to come to live and work in the US. To help them understand the impact of culture living here and working here.

The social scene...
The reality of what to expect...
Great distances...
The ordinary tasks of daily life: Don't make the mistake of thinking you know what to expect...

Phases of adjustment..

Asking for help...

Help from your organization...

Services and a 'do-it-yourself' society...

Get to know your neighbors...

Speaking the language...

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Beyond Culture Shock
Welcome Home, Stranger
Working In The USA
Living In The USA
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