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Going International ® Series: Managing The Overseas Assignment

"Addresses all levels of international traveler, seasoned as well as novice."

Overview of Managing the Overseas Assignment

Video dramas illustrate cross-cultural misunderstandings and provide guidelines on doing cross-cultural business. The 30 minute video and guide:

  • present experiences in such diverse countries as Japan, Saudi Arabia, England, India, and Mexico to illustrate the impact of cultural misunderstandings wherever you go
  • utilize experts, experienced travelers and foreign nationals to explain what went wrong
  • propose ways for improving results when communicating and negotiating
  • prevents cultural misunderstandings from negatively affecting your overseas business goals
  • increases your chances for success by helping you increase your cultural awareness

Doing Business Abroad - Understand the host culture

Dramas that show interactions in Mexico, Japan, England, and Saudi Arabia, and are not intended to make you an expert in any culture, but rather give you examples that wherever you go culture affect the way people communicate and the way business gets done.

Respect for the host culture

In Saudi Arabia, an American is seeking a permit for building supplies... Gain advantage by understanding etiquette, religion, and social taboos and essentials of doing business in other countries.

Giving and receiving instructions

We visit India and American manager is ... When working abroad learn how differently job functions and positions are defined and perceived. Who needs to perform/conform to whose expectations? Learn how to work effectively with each other. What are your assumptions about what makes people work well.

How to source information

An American business woman discovers that the English do not speak her language...Who is diplomatic and who is undiplomatic? Question how you get information , consider your own communication style and how does this contrast with the style of people in the host company?

Making new business contacts

An American business man is waiting for his customer to arrive in a restaurant in Mexico... Learn that a 'personal relationship' must be established before business can be done in many cultures. Learn the customary steps for building a business relationship in the host culture.

Motivation and reward

An American executive ends a meeting with his Japanese department heads... What are your assumptions about incentives and rewards in another culture.

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