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Valuing Relationship ® Series: Organizational Energy

"Relationship is important to the organization because it provides a safe context in which people can take risks, in which people feel that they are able to take risks and recover."
-Paul Pedersen, Syracuse University

Overview of Organizational Effectiveness

Motivates Leaders, Managers, Supervisors and work team leaders to take responsibility at the top and role model ways to manage and facilitate effective relationship patterns. Helps create a cooperative environment in which accountable, productive and creative work relationships flourish. Helps build enhancing relationship patterns in your organization and thus the opportunity to manage change. Sensitizes employees as to how constructive and destructive patterns spiral throughout an organization.

Includes 7 real workplace dramas

"The dramatizations are excellent. They make good points with powerful impact." - Ontario Hydro-Electric


Control Drama:

Examines control patterns, over-developed relationship patterns, tight boundaries, loss of participation and shut down.

Chaos Drama:

Examines being too loose, no boundaries, lack of structure, no listening,
over-participative and no leadership.

Information Drama:

Show how relationship is the vehicle for information flow.
Depleting relationship patterns block potential and decrease communication flow.

Dynamic Balance Drama:

Balance in leadership styles allows for dynamic participation, creativity and productivity.

Depleting Spiral Drama:

Explores unhealthy relationship patterns including blame, lack of accountability and other depleting patterns that can spiral throughout the organization & affect productivity.

Enhancing Spiral Drama:

Examines enhancing relationship patterns including accountability, openness, feedback, team work and other enhancing patterns that spiral through all levels. These patterns can help optimize potential.

Authentic Relationships Drama:

Organizations and individuals need to invest time in facilitating enhancing relationship patterns across differences and support each other during times of change and challenge.


"If there's going to be a positive relationship, there's got to be a fair amount of trust. There's got to be a feeling that one values the other, and respects the other. Relationship is the substance of anything that gets done in an organization. If the relationships are bad, then you're not going to have a very positive work place, nor for that matter a very positive product or outcome." - Mercy Health Service

Use this 30 minute video and facilitator's guide to :

  • explore the challenges and change issues confronting today's organizations
  • show how relationship energy impacts effective information flow and is critical for meeting bottom line objectives
  • provide concrete examples of how relationship is the critical tool for meeting today's realities
  • encourage everyone to take responsibility to create a cooperative environment in which enhancing relationships across differences can flourish


Comprehensive Facilitator's Guide includes:

  • Background information
  • Transcript of video
  • Pre-viewing, during viewing and post-viewing exercises
  • The "how-to" of relationship building
  • Graphics for transparencies
  • Suggested agenda
  • Key concepts grid
  • Quick reference to dramas

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Valuing Relationship ®: The 'Next Step' and 'How To' of Change

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