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Human Energy At Work ® Series: Relating Across Differences

"Immediately applicable to my organization's circumstances"
-Professional Development Center, State of Montana
Human Energy At Work ® Series:
The Bottom Line
Relating Across Differences
Conflict As Opportunity
Teams In Motion
Global Contrasts
Sexual Dynamics

Overview of Relating Across Differences

The key to any organization's success is the ability of its employees to relate effectively. Build trust and respect in your organization with Relating Across Difference.Transform human energy into higher work-related goals by:

Moments in Relating Across Differences

Moment 1
Maria tries to build trust and intimacy with Sophie by sharing personal information. Find out if this strategy works?
Moment 2
What is familiar and acceptable in one culture may be offensive in another. Who is more comfortable with Gino's style--Peter or Han?
Moment 3
The way we give & receive feedback can have major impact on work relationships. What are the behaviors that may be causing conflict and misunderstanding between Margo (supervisor) and Elaine (employee)
Moment 4
There are many types of differences which are not readily apparent as differences, such as energy levels and pacing. How well does Paige, the manager in these scenes, deal with the concerns of Rhea and Tim about each other?

Moment 5
Mary and Al have worked together for quite a while. Can they move through the potential conflict , inevitable in all relationship, without polarization and shutdown. Also use Conflict As Opportunity to view Mary and Al in a different moment...

Moment 6
Elaine and Margot negotiate a new way of dealing with their conflict. How do cultural differences come into play in this situation?
Moment 7
Halima and Phillip have been stereotypically lumped together? Does this work for them or their organization?
Moment 8
Tension builds in the diverse workplace and it is sometimes necessary for a third party to step in and facilitate the differences. Grace, the supervisor, effectively deals with a potential problem in her work team.
Moment 9
Rhea and Tim come together in this scene. The 'client' benefits when these two very different people work towards a dynamic balance.

Examine "moments in the relationship-building process" to help you build authentic relationships that are stable enough to perform at a higher level. Employees can learn how to manage the diversity in the relationship and consciously begin to value it and create the conditions for synergy and breakthrough results.

Use Relating Across Differences with Conflict As Opportunity and the other titles in this series.

This integrated series includes the following titles:

The Bottom Line
Relating Across Differences
Conflict As Opportunity
Teams In Motion
Global Contrasts
Sexual Dynamics

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