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Human Energy At Work ® Series: Teams In Motion

"Making the most of diverse high performance teams takes skill, time, and awareness of differences. Depending on how they're managed, such teams can yield terrible headaches or terrific results."
- Training & Development, October 1995

Overview of Teams in Motion

This is a very effective representation of an intact team going through all four phases of the team building process. Diverse team members struggle to relate and reach high performance. Teams in Motion introduces learners to the phases of team development and the skills necessary to build effective relationships at each phase of the team process. It helps team members identify and manage wide-ranging differences (race, gender, cross-functional, thinking style, relationship style, personality, culture, etc.) that can be either an opportunity or barrier to achieving team goals.

Use the video, CD-ROM, and /or intranet course and comprehensive guide to:

  • identify the phases teams move through before reaching higher performance
  • illustrate how diversity issues, relationship patterns and cultural differences affect the team process
  • address the challenge of relating across differences in the team context
  • provide core principles and skills for building high performance teams which are challenged by differences

Use 21 dynamic video 'moments' to examine and explore the reality of team work in today's organizations. The dramatic video case study in Teams in Motion is based on a true story and research gathered from tracking a real team over 18 months.

Phases of Team Development

After taking the Teams in Motion course, learners should be able to:

  • recognize and actively manage the five natural phases diverse teams move through
  • understand how diversity, relationship, and cultural patterns affect each phase of the team process
  • recognize and manage key moments during the rhythmic process of team development
  • use core principles and skills to build a high-performance diverse team
  • transform individual energy into synergistic group performance

High Performance Diverse Teams Training Workshop

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