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Valuing Relationship ® Series: Personal Patterns

"We applaud this and the trend it represents."
- The GilDeane Group

Overview of Personal Patterns

Creates productive and synergistic relationships by developing the self-awareness and encouraging the personal growth of your employees. Personal Patterns emphasizes the individual's responsibility for understanding how one's own behavior forms the basis for building enhancing or depleting relationship patterns. Encourages individuals to manage personal behavior that impact effectiveness and performance. Examine the role an "individual" can play in creating enhancing or depleting energy relationship patterns

Personal Patterns includes 7 real workplace dramas where there is personal responsibility for the outcome:

Challenge Drama:

Adapting to change, personal development, dealing with relationship and trust across differences.

Success Drama:
An example of win-lose,"none for you" relationship pattern.

Survival Drama:
Depleting, lose-lose,"not enough for any of us" relationship pattern

Breakthrough Drama:
Synergistic, win-win,"enough for all of us" relationship pattern

Managing 'Age Bias' Drama:

Taking personal responsibility for changing the other person's stereotype of self. Examines stereotyping , bias, loss of opportunity to build a relationship on common ground.

'Sexual Orientation' Drama:

Accepting personal responsibility to build a more authentic relationship, building trust. Taking responsibility for changing the other person's stereotype of self . Shows stereotyping , bias, risk-taking, and more!

'Physical Challenge'

Shows a struggle towards a mutually enhancing relationship, taking responsibility for changing the other person's assumptions and stereotype of self, rebuilding trust and acknowledging fault .

'Masking' Drama:

Dealing with the pressure to assimilate, low expectations, struggle for self-awareness, receiving honest and empathetic feedback from co-workers.

Leveraging 'Relationship' Drama:

Personal growth through a trusting relationship. Honest feedback from others and successfully managing change.

This 30 minute video and facilitator's guide:

  • provide rich examples of energy-enhancing and energy-depleting personal behaviors
  • demonstrate the personal opportunities for change
  • illustrate the link between productive, synergistic relationships, and self-awareness

Comprehensive Facilitator's Guide includes:

  • Background information
  • Transcript of video
  • Pre-viewing, during viewing and post-viewing exercises
  • The "how-to" of relationship building
  • Graphics for transparencies
  • Suggested agenda
  • Key concepts grid
  • Quick reference to dramas

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Valuing Relationship ®: The 'Next Step' and 'How To' of Change

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